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Documents legalization

Documents legalization


Whether you are planning to settle abroad, or being already abroad while needing an Egyptian official document such as the birth certificate, marriage certificates, unmarried status declarations, diploma and university degree, these official documents must be legalized in order to be recognized in the destination country, legalization confirms that the seal and the signature on the document have been issued by the authorized public official.

Most cases legalization process are so frustrated as the process differs depending on the type of the document, the concerned departments, and transforming the documents to and from the home country and deliver it back to the destination country, In order to not waste your time you will need a specialist who has the knowledge as well as the experience to get your papers ready on the time. 

Our specialized attorneys are ready to assist you whether you are individual or company to get your documents legalized.

The following is a brief outline the main points regarding the legalization and authentication the documents in Egypt.

Why the legalization is a must process in some cases for you?

Legalization of foreign documents to be submitted it in Egypt:

Any document issued abroad must legalize first in order to be submitted in Egypt. It has to be authenticated by the competent authorities of the issued country, before it can be legalized by the Egyptian Embassy.

Legalization of Egyptian documents to submit abroad:

Any document issued in Egypt must authenticate by the MOFA (the ministry of foreign affairs) in order to be legalized by the embassy- consult of the destination country in Egypt.

What are the documents that can be authenticated or legalized in Egypt?

1.    Certificates of civil status (Birth certificate, death certificate, Marriage certificate, unmarried status declaration);
2. Education certificates (school, university Degrees, diploma);
3. Experience and employment certificates;
4. Police clearance Certificate;
5. Commercial documents such as Articles of association, financial documents ; 

What are the Authorities that are involved in legalization process?

There are different authorities that are involved in the process of authentication and legalization depending on the documents, mainly they are: 
1- Civil authority;
2- Ministry of Education or notary in Egypt;
3- Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Egypt or an Apostille;
4- Embassy or Consulate in Egypt;
5- Ministry of foreign affairs of the destination country;

 Requirements in order to complete the legalization process:

1- Original certificate(s);
2- Passport copy;
3- Declaration form;
4- Power of Attorney (if required).

Our specialized attorneys are ready to assist you whether you are individual or company to get your documents legalized; also we are offering a discount on bulk documents, for more information please contact us.  

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