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The new amendment of the executive regulations of the child Act.

The new amendment of the executive regulations of the child Act.


The decree amending some provisions of the executive regulations of the Child Law.

The Prime Minister issued Decree No. 1143 of 2020 amending some provisions of the executive regulations of the Child Law No. 2075 of 2010 regarding the Egyptian families wishing to care for a child according to the Alternative Families System.Taking into consideration the interests of the child, as well as fulfilling the desire of many families wishing to foster children.

The following is a brief of the amendments:

• The amendment has replaced some legal terms in order to achieve  the best interests of the children, so the term "foundlings" were replaced with the term "found children", the term "alternative families" with "alternative foster families", and the term "unknown parentage" with "high descent parentage";

• The alternative foster family shall be consisting of an Egyptian couple, however there's an exception that only one of the spouses may be an Egyptian; after obtaining the approval of the Supreme Committee of the Alternative foster Families, also the religion of the family shall be the same as the child's religion;

• The age of the spouses have been modified, as the spouses' age shall not be less than 21 years and not more than 60 years, contrary to the previous practice, however the committee may exempt from the inadmissibility of the spouses ’age over 60 years according to the results of social research;

• The decree has also amended the age condition of widowed, divorced, unmarried women who's at least thirty years; to submit a foster request, in contrast to the previous practice;

• It has become permissible for the child to get the first name of the foster father's first name, or his last name, also it's eligible to get the foster mother's first name instead of the real mother name; this is without causing any affection of adoption;

• The submission of the foster application has become electronic on the website of the Ministry, after that the Ministry sends it to the competent directorate in which the residence of the foster family or the competent civil institution is located;

• The alternative foster family after getting the child in care must open a bank-account in Nasser Social Bank, or opening a saving bank-book for at least for three thousand pounds, or depositing this amount in the child’s account if there is a bank-account or a saving bank-book for him, then the family shall submit a photocopy of the deposit receipt for the Department of Families and Childhood in the directorate in which the foster family resides, however, those amounts shall not be disbursed under any circumstances unless there is an approval from the competent Committee;

• The Ministry of Social security will issue an Identity Card "ID" for the alternative foster family, in order to be able to deal with all governmental and non-governmental entities, which will be renewed annually, the one (whether the one is the foster father or foster mother) who hold the ID will have the educational mandate for the foster child, however the alternative foster family shall notify the social administration annually with a certificate of proof of enrollment from the child's school;

Also, the alternative foster family is doing the child's care duties free of charge;

The foster family has the right to donate from their property, or to write as long as it's consisting with the law.

• The decree authorized the granting of the alternative foster family the guardianship of the child; after passing the special evaluation carried out by the Ministry of Social security. If the guardianship is granted to alternative foster family, the child should be checked at least once a year by the competent authority.

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