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Egypt enacts for the first time the Data protection law

Egypt enacts for the first time the Data protection law


On 15 July 2020, Egypt issued the first Egyptian Data Protection law No.151 of 2020 aiming to provide strong protection to the individuals' personal data, and sensitive data which is in digital form.

The following is a brief of the law:

The protective Data:

As it's aiming to protect two types of data:

• The personal data which is related to any natural person who's recognized directly or indirectly by referring it with other information such as name, voice, image….etc.

• The sensitive data which is stipulated the physiologic, mental, and the physical health, also the law considered the children data as a sensitive data.

The law has excluded some personal data from its scope of the application such as personal data held by natural person for personal use, data processed for official statistics, data processed for the media purpose, data obtained for investigations and lawsuits, also the personal data held by the central Egyptian bank and the entities subject to its supervision except for the money transfer and exchange companies.

The obligations imposed by the law:

• The law obliges any controller or processor of personal data to appoint a personal data employee that will be responsible for the protection of the personal data and the implementation of the provisions of this law;

• Furthermore the law imposes an obligation of obtaining the license from the personal data authority on the businesses that are considered data controllers or processors.

Penalties imposed by law:

The law stipulates for administrative sanctions that may reach to partial or total suspension, as well as criminal penalties such as significant fines and imprisonment for the violations of its provisions.

 Effective data:

• The law will come into force three month following its publication" so it will be effective on 15 October 2020", and it's executive regulations will be issued within six months following the effective data.

• There is also a minimum grace period of 21 month for businesses in order to comply with it's provisions before applying the penalties rules.

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