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Amendments of the Egyptian Commercial Registry Law

Amendments of the Egyptian Commercial Registry Law


Law No. 198 of 2020 was issued on the 30th of September 2020, amending some provisions of the commercial registry Law No. 34 of 1976, the law amended the conditions for registration in the register, and whoever has the right to apply for registration, the dates as well as the fees of renewing the Registration. 

The following is a brief of the amendments:

1- The terms of registration in the commercial registry:    

1-  In order to be eligible to register you must be an Egyptian (however there is an exception for the foreigner (non-Egyptian) to be allowed to be register into the Egyptian commercial registry).

2- Obtaining the approval to trade from the competent Chamber of Commerce for individuals and companies that practicing any commercial activity.

3- Obtaining the approval to practice industrial activity from the competent industrial chamber for industrial establishments, regardless of their legal form (whether sole proprietorship,or company).

2-The Procedures for the registration:

The application for the registration in the commercial registry shall be submitted during the period specified by this law's executive regulations. The submission of the application was within a month from the date of obtaining the license.
The application may be submitted by: the trader, managers, legal representatives of the industrial establishment, a legal person, or a branch manager.
The application shall be submitted to the commercial registry office in whose jurisdiction the head office or branch is located.

3- The Registration renewal 's dates:

The registration in the commercial registry shall be renewed every five years from the date of registration or from the date of the last renewal, and the application is submitted by those referred to in the previous clause.
Provided that the application shall be submitted during the month preceding the end of the five-year period, and the registration can only be renewed after the payment of the fees.
The law granted an additional time limit for submitting the application, which is the ninety days following the expiration of the five-year mentioned, but with double of the fees.
After the additional period (ninety days) has passed, the renewal application will be rejected, and the commercial registry may delete the registration.

4- The Law Effective Date:

The amendment stipulated that the law would come into effect from the day following its publication, which is October 1, 2020.

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