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FQs of the non-Egyptian’s work permit

FQs of the non-Egyptian’s work permit


Non-Egyptians, who are planning to reside for the purpose of working in the Arab Republic of Egypt, shall obtain a work permit from the competent Egyptian authorities, to be allowed to reside and practicing the authorized work in Egypt.

However they shall be abroad "outside Egypt" during the recruitment period and until obtaining their security approval, but if they are already resident in Egypt before obtaining their work permit they may settle their situation, following the procedures and obtaining their work permit.

The following are frequent questions regarding obtaining the work permit according to the Egyptian regulations:

(1) What are the required documents to obtain a work permit for the first time?

The required documents are:

(1)The original and one copy of the following documents:

1- A power of attorney for the representative, or an approved delegation from the bank in the case that the name of the delegate is included in the insurance form; 

2- A copy of the facility's commercial registry, tax card, company incorporation contract, companies ’newspaper Register of exporters and suppliers of companies operating in this field;

3-Social insurance for the Egyptian's employees for the current year, provided that the percentage of non-Egyptian workers in the establishment does not exceed 10% of Egyptians, also provided that insurance form number 2 have all the required signatures and seals;

4-Work experience's Certificate for the foreigner workers following the required conditions stated by the Egyptian regulations;

5-Syndicate approval if it's required ;

6-Letter of appointing  the two Egyptian assistants for each foreigner worker; 

7- A list of the foreigners workers number;

8-The Notarized employment contract for the required nationalities.

(2)Three copies of the foreigner worker's passport;

(3) An official letter from the concerned facility addressed to the competent authority with the required data;

(4) A security approval certificate.

(2) What is the process of the foreigner's employee settlement, if they are already resident in Egypt and seeking to obtain their work permit, while still in Egypt?

It is permissible to settle their situation without needing to re-enter Egypt again through the process of exemption from recruitment, which are as follows:

An exemption request is submitted to the competent authority with the required documents such as:(the recruitment's company documents such as the commercial register, tax card, the establishment contract, the employee contract as well as the experience certificate of not less than three years.

The application will be examined, if it's got accepted the required fees will be paid, which are fifteen thousand and two hundred Egyptian pounds "15200"L.E, and additional fees for each residence year for the foreigner in Egypt determined by the competent authority.

(3) Who are the exempt categories from obtaining the work permit?

There are categories that are exempt from obtaining a work permit under Egyptian regulations, such as:

1-The nationalities that are exempt according to an explicit provision in international treaty in which Egypt is a party of;

2- A foreign investor who obtained an "investor residency" according to the Egyptian regulations;

3-The foreign Embassies and consulate's administrative body, as well as the administrative body of the national and international organizations and agencies in Egypt;

4- Foreigners correspondents working in Egypt;

5- Foreigners voluntary clerics in Egypt.

(4) Is there any restrictions of the foreigner employees number in the facility or it's affiliate according to the Egyptian regulations? 

Yes, the maximum number of the foreigner employees in any facility or its branches is 10% of the total number of insured Egyptian employees, unless there's an exception.

(5)What is the term of the work permit / its fees, and the exempt categories?

The term of the license is one year or less.

The fees differ depending on the employee's residency years, however the fees for obtaining the work permit for the first year is five thousand Egyptian pounds and it increase one thousand for the next three years after that duration there is another fees.

The exemption categories from paying work permits fees are ;

The nationalities which are exempt according to an explicit provision in international treaty in which Egypt is a party of, such as;

Palestinian, Sudanese, Greek, Lebanese, Tunisian.

(6) What are the reasons for revoking the work permit?

There are cases in which the work permit is revoked according to the competent authority decision, if one of the following cases is present:

1- If the employee is sentenced for a felony or misdemeanor that violates honor, trust or public morals;

2- If the foreigner obtained a work permit based on false information;

3- If the work permit has been use in another profession that weren't authorized for;

4-Objection by the competent security authorities from obtaining the license for any reasons affecting the country's economic or social interests.

(6) Are there any jobs that are forbidden for the foreigner employee to participate in?

Yes, foreigner's employees are prohibited from working in the following professions and trades:

1-    Tourist guidance;

2-    Export and import business;

3- Customs clearance. 

(8) Is it permitted for the employee to participate in work for one day or some days without obtaining the work permit?

Yes, an employee are allowed to practice a work for a very short period such as one day or some days, however there is some conditions that must be met in order to be able to practice the work in Egypt without obtaining the work permit;

1- Obtaining a prior written approval from the competent authority;

2- Paying a fee estimated at (10%) of the value of his wage for these jobs, with a minimum of eight thousand Egyptian pounds and a maximum of fifty thousand Egyptian pounds, and the fee varies according to the multiplicity of the work performed.

(9) What are the procedures in the case of refusal to grant/ renew the work permit?

In the case of a refusal to grant / renew the work permit, the decision may be appealed, with the following procedures;

1- Submitting the appealing request within one month from the date of rejection;

2- Submitting the application in the name of the Director of Permits to Work for Foreigners at the Ministry of Manpower;

3- Explaining the reasons for the grievance with the presentation of new documents, if any;

4- Fees: There is no fee for submitting the appeal.

The competent authority usually decide on the appeal within 15 days from its submission date .

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