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Documents legalization

Documents legalization


Legalization is a major procedure to take in the event of travelling abroad to work or to study or when submitting documents issued by other countries to deal with in Egypt.

Legalization is a procedure by which a signature is acknowledge, a citizen traveling abroad is asked usually to legalize certificates and documents issued in Egypt whether he is traveling for work, trade or study. And the legalization is issued by the Egyptian minister for foreign affairs to be summited and accepted by the authorities in the foreign country desired to travel to.

Also the documents and certificates issued by a foreign country must be legalized by the Egyptian minister for foreign affairs after legalized by the minister of foreign affairs of the country issued by in order to deal with in Egypt.         


Deference between legalization and authorization

There are common confusing between legalization and authorization

Legalization is an approval of the signature and seal regarding a certificate or a document

When authorization is a procedure taken by the real state clerk by which the will of contractors put in written      

Academic certificates legalization

Certificates of university degrees of all kinds approved by the Dean of the College and then approved by the General Secretary of the university from which the certificate was issued

Academic certificates up to high school:

1- It is approved by the educational administration to which the school belongs.

2-then it is approved by the Directorate of Education to which the school belongs.

3- Finally, the certificate shall be approved by the Secretary General of the governorate to which the educational administration belongs.

Educational certificates (diploma of teachers –paramedics)

These educational certificates are approved by the General Administration of Examinations on the date of the year in which the certificate is submitted to the legalization Office


Post-intermediate certificates of the Ministry of High Education: (governmental and private higher institutes and private universities)

These certificates are legalized by the Ministry of High Education


Legalization of experience certificates


Legalization of experience certificates issued by government departments

Such as (experience certificates issued by ministries, government departments and bodies)

It is approved by the official officer for it from the same authority it is issued, and he signs it for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the concerned Undersecretary of the Ministry and whomever he delegates

Legalization of experience certificates issued by the private sector

Legalization of the experience certificate requires, at the outset, the preparation of an attestation report in the real estate registration of the employer, to acknowledge the validity of the data contained in the certificate, in the presence of the employer or his representative.

After that, it shall be approved by the Secretary General of the main real estate registry located on Ramses Street or by his authorized representatives from the governorate to which the branch office of the real estate registry is affiliated.



To legalize certificates issued by professional and labor unions

The professional and labor unions issue a registration and license to practice the profession.

The Secretary General of the Syndicate or whoever he delegates shall sign and the amount shall be signed or their signatures shall be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Attestation of documents issued by the Ministry of the Interior


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