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foreigner Marriage registration in Egypt

foreigner Marriage registration in Egypt


The legal marriage for foreigners in Egypt shall be through registering the marriage at the office of authentication at the Egyptian Ministry of Justice.

The age of both spouses shall not be less than eighteen years, also the age difference between spouses shall not be more than twenty-five years, otherwise they must submit a prior written approval from the ministry of justice.

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The required documents are:

•    Embassy's certificate of non-objection (Approval to marry). Requirements vary according to each embassy;

•    Proof of identity (a passport) for both parties, two photocopies of the passport, the Egyptian entry visa, and the residency stamp;

•    Five personal photos for the spouses;

•    A pre-marriage medical examination at a government hospital is required for both parties. 

•    Two witnesses with identification documents (passport or I.D. card);

•    A divorce certificate for the wife “if she was divorced before”;

All divorce documents must be EITHER issued by an Egyptian authority OR translated, stamped and notarized by the country's embassy AND subsequently the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (or by the Egyptian Embassy in that country).

•    The husband’s death certificate for the wife “if she was a widow”;

•    Translator if one of the spouses cannot speak either Arabic or English.

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This article should not be considered or interpreted as a legal advice in any manner, the purpose of this article is to have a general overview of the foreigner legal marriage according to the Egyptian legal system, regarding applicable laws, regulations, and decrees in Egypt at the time of publication.

We advise you to seek a professional legal advice that is tailored specifically for your needs. 

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