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The process of adding a new branch for the company

The process of adding a new branch for the company


To add a new branch for the LLC, an administration decision must issue first from the company manager to add this branch, then to be authorized from the GAVI, adding this amendment in the commercial registry, then adding it on the tax file of the company.

The authorization of the administrator decision to add the branch

1-    A request to authorize the decision;
2-    The main system of the company and its amendments;
3-    A new commercial registry extract for the company” at least by three months”
4-    The administration decision signed by the manager, with the announcement of its legal responsibility upon the decision as well as its procedures;
5-    The lease contract of the branch “the date should be proved”;
6-    A CD with all this documents” all the documents shall be in pdf”;

You will be able to get the authorization upon the administrator decision within one business day.

 Registring the amendments in the commercial registry :

1-    The adding request in the commercial registry;
2-    A new company’s commercial registry;
3-    The authorized adding the new branch decision;
4-    The administrative decision to appoint a branch manager;
5-    The approval of the competent chamber of commerce to add the branch;
6-    In the case of adding a branch outside Cairo Governate, the practicing certificate issuing from the chamber of commerce that the branch is domicile at shall be submitted;
7-    The approval of the industry chamber if required;
8-    A copy from the POA, and the ID of the requestor.

Then we submit the application to the commercial registry with the above-mentioned documents, and paying the fees.

You will be able to get the commercial registry within one business day.

 Adding the branch in the company’s tax file:

The request shall be submitting to the competent tax office that the branch is allocated to.
The Required documents;
1-    A new commercial registry extract;
2-    A copy of the authorized administrator decision” by adding the branch”
3-    A copy of the branch lease contract approved the date “Note that you must have with you the original contract”;
4-    A copy of the company’s Tax card;
5-    A CD involved the company’s activities and its branches if do exist;
6-    The POA, and the applicant ID.

The application shall be submitted; however, you will get the document within two business days.

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