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The naturalization for the foreigner wife to an Egyptian husband

The naturalization for the foreigner wife to an Egyptian husband


The naturalization for the foreigner wife to an Egyptian husband:

The Egyptian law permit the foreigner wife to an Egyptian husband to naturalize with the Egyptian nationality without waiving her nationality, however the marriage shall last at least two years.Our team will provide you with a comprehensive assistance to get the Egyptian nationality in a fastest, easiest way.

:The requirements

1-    A naturalization application shall be submitted by the wife according to the article 7 of the immigration law number 26 of the year 1975;
2-    The both spouses must be presented in person or by their attorneys;
3-    The marriage must be in an official Egyptian certificate;
4-    A declaration of the wife’s consent to be naturalized by the Egyptian nationality, however the Egyptian law doesn’t require a waiver from her original nationality;
5-    The marriage duration shall last two years at least;

6-    A valid residency for the wife.

The required documents:

1-    The husband’s birth certificate;
2-     The husband’s father birth certificate;
3-    An official marriage certificate;
4-    The Egyptian ID for the husband;
5-    The husband valid passport;
6-    The wife’s husband valid passport;
7-    The wife’s birth certificate.
8-    Four personal photos.

After paying the governmental fees, the spouses must wait for two years, then the husband will submit a personal declaration that the marriage relationship is still valid to the competent authority, after thirty days from submitting this declaration, the Egyptian nationality will be provided to the wife.

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This article should not be considered or interpreted as a legal advice in any manner, the purpose of this article is to have a general overview of the foreigner legal marriage according to the Egyptian legal system, regarding applicable laws, regulations, and decrees in Egypt at the time of publication.
We advise you to seek a professional legal advice that is tailored specifically for your needs. 


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