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Immigration law is the law that refers to the policies and controls in force in national governments that control the phenomenon of migration to its territory, is to control people and their numbers who may enter the territories of any sovereign state. This applies to both people seeking to live and work in a particular country (or part of it) and tourists, people arrested due to travel issues, and those who wish to study or otherwise benefit from the country's facilities.
Immigration and citizenship laws differ from one country to another, as well as according to the political climate at times, and socio-economic conditions. If you want to travel to Egypt or any other country around the world, whether it is on a business trip, to study or to live permanently, you will need to contact a professional lawyer to provide the best solutions related to your situation, we follow an individual approach in every immigration issue.
Our attorneys will assist you in providing immigration legal advice by applying immigration and nationality laws and policies in the following matters:

  • Labour migration
  • Family Immigration
  • Citizenship
  • seeking refuge
  • Other

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