Corporates & Transactions

Corporate & Transaction Services

We can provide an integrated service consisting of full lawsuits for legal services that may be required in order to establish, register and amend companies of all types (commercial, civil and professional) and their forms, whether they are money companies (shareholding/responsibility/share recommendation) or individual companies (simple recommendation/solidarity) Also in the field of establishing branches and representative offices for foreign companies.
Our attorneys provide advice on local and cross-border mergers and acquisitions, including private mergers and acquisitions, company reorganization, conduct studies, prepare, draft and review corporate statutes, internal audit regulations, corporate governance regulations and all other regulations, in addition to registering commercial agencies and extracting business records, Industrial licenses, amendment and cancellation.
The office also provides legal services after the incorporation of companies, and it undertakes all procedures for general assemblies (ordinary and extraordinary and boards of directors) starting from implementing the agenda for the associations, through sending pleadings, advocacy and follow-up in all cases of all kinds in all the competent authorities and attending its sessions, whether they are workers Or commercial or banking, following up the implementation of its provisions, and assuming the secretariat of societies and councils and ending with documenting the records of societies and boards of directors before the General Investment Authority and the competent authorities and marking what is necessary with the Commercial Registry Authority. Providing legal support for all aspects of corporate activities in all jurisdictions.
We are involved in almost all aspects of trade relations, and in particular, we deal in negotiation, drafting and advice on a wide range of domestic and international business contracts, and these services include advising clients on:

  • Capital increase
  • Corporate and employee incentives
  • Manufacture and supply of service
  • Agency and distribution
  • Research sponsorship
  • Development and cooperation
  • Franchising
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Real estate development
  • Real estate issues and expropriation
  • Real estate registration and mortgage contracts
  • Main seller agreement
  • The solution, liquidation, and claims of bankruptcy
  • Contracts, commercial franchises, agency and licenses
  • Monopoly, competition protection and anti-dumping
  • Offering and listing on the stock exchange
  • Central custody services

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