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Employment & Pensions Services

Our recruitment attorneys represent the best legal and specialized minds in all matters of employment; whether you are an HR executive or employee, our professional attorneys can advise you to obtain the best possible solution for work or pensions.
The office also has extensive experience in preparing and finalizing all procedures and services that regulate the relationship between companies, labour offices and social insurance such as enrollment and leave forms, annual combined forms and internal work systems. The office provides the best of its services through its consultants and employees with expertise and competence and exercise in work issues whether the customer is an employer Or/and a worker in fulfilment of the right, pursuant to the laws related to end of service benefits, wages, salaries and allowances for injuries during work and residence, and submitting complaints to labour offices and the Ministry of Social Insurance.
Our attorneys are interested in advising you on all employment issues; such as compliance, wages, drafting and reviewing an employment contract, and how to terminate an employment contract without being obligated to pay compensation. The office also handles labour disputes, compensation cases and related entitlements before the various courts and specialized committees.
We also provide companies with everything that they need in the human resources sector, from preparing internal systems for work in companies, bodies and institutions and are compatible with the regulations of the Ministry of Labor and drafting employment contracts that include conditions for maintaining labour laws and regulations and decisions in this regard, drafting, checking and reviewing employment contracts, approved legal and legal representation for the company in front of the concerned authorities, study the company's legal adapter and provide feedback to improve performance.
Our specialized attorneys have gained a lot of work experience in the field of employment-related lawsuits such as termination of employment, unlawful discharge, unfair competition, misappropriation of trade secrets and confidential information, discrimination, workplace safety violations, and other work-related injury claims. To defend your case until you get the best-expected results. Covering lawsuits.

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